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So you want to dive?

Well we would love to help you out with that. Certification is very easy and quick to obtain. There are basically three ways to go about it. You can join a class with a group of students such as yourself. Or, you can sign up for a private/semi-private class with just yourself or with a buddy. Classes have three components, Classroom sessions, Confined water sessions and Open water Experience. Generally speaking, divers can finish their training within four days. Faster for some and slower for others. we do offer weekend classes for those interested. The third way is very appealing to those of you who live in frigid areas. You can do what's called a referral. You would sign up for classes in your local area dive shop. Obtain your academic and confined water training at home. You would then finish your open water training in 80 degree water here in South Florida with one of our certified instructors.


Continuing Education

Already certified? Well we can continue your training with Advanced, Rescue and divemaster training. Continuing diver education while on vacation is very popular because you'll be diving anyway. Why not make your dives count for certification. If you would like to find out more about the curriculum please contact us via e-mail or phone.