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Abby Too

Abby Too is located one mile north of Hillsboro Inlet. It is part of the third reef tier. 45' on top sloping East to 70'. This reef is sometimes difficult to follow due to it's tendency to start and stop. However, It is a very beautiful reef with caves on high spots every 200' or so. Large grouper, hog fish and trumpet fish can be found. Large moray eels have also been spotted.

Boca Artificial

Just south of Boca Inlet, approximately 3/4 of a mile offshore. This is a popular artificial reef area adjacent to natural rock ledges. The reef is a section of the third reef tier. Boca Artificial is 43' on the top sloping East to depths of 70' to the sand. The top edge is jagged and overgrown with soft corals, sponges and other invertebrates.


Crab Cave

Crab Cove is 3/4 offshore and North of the Hillsboro Inlet. Lots of tropicals, parrotfish, wrasse, angelfish and puffer fish. The occasional turtle and southern sting ray will glide by you on this reef.

Grouper Bend

Grouper Bend is located about 3/4 of a mile offshore and South of the Hillsboro Inlet. It is a very popular reef line for hunters and gathers. It offers a nice ledge for lobsters and sport fish such as grouper, snapper and mutton. You can also find eels, turtles, tropicals and a variety of hard and soft corals.


Hillsboro Ledge

A mile and a half north of the Hillsboro Inlet. A 5- to 8-foot ledge in depths from 34 to 40 feet. This is a great shallow dive. Visitors often see many different species of tropical fish, lobster and a variety of hard and soft corals.


1 mile north of the Hillsboro Inlet. The top of this reef is in 35 feet of water and reaches to a sandy bottom at 45 feet. This is a nice beginner's reef since it is relatively close to shore, easy to find, and contains an excellent variety of fish and invertebrate life. The inside edge is full of holes. Lobsters, snapper and grouper can be found


Lighthouse Ledge

Lighthouse ledge is part of the third reef tier. It is located less than a mile from the Hillsboro Inlet. This reef is very popular due to it's close location. It is a very colorful reef with 1000's of tropicals, hard & soft corals and an occasional turtle.

Opal Tower

A mile North of the Hillsboro Inlet. Opal Towers is a 5 to 8-foot ledge in depths from 34 to 40 feet. This is another great shallow dive. The shallow drift dives offer the return of vibrant colors, sponges, corals and 1000's of tropicals. You can also find lobster, eels, turtles and various other inhabitants


Pompano Drop-Off

A.K.A. "The Balls" this reef includes some of the most popular dive sites in South Florida. The nursery, Caves, Hojo's and the wreck of the Copenhagen can all be found on this shallow reef line. Ranging in depth from 12' to 30' it is a destination visited by Students, beginners and snorkelers. It is also a very popular spot for photographers, lobster hunters and spear fishermen.

Razzle Dazzle

You just may spot this guy on your dive. Razzle Dazzle is home to many different inhabitants such as rays, moray eels, turtles and fish. The depth ranges from 45' on the top to over 70' to the sand. The ledge faces east and is a great location for drift diving. Due to the size of this reef line you can drift North or South and still have reef to spare.



The Sanctuary is located North of the Hillsboro Inlet and East of Opal Towers on the second reef line. The top of the sanctuary is 35' and reaches 55' to the East. This reef is a beautiful section and is very different than most of the other reefs in that it has two distinct ledges that meet. So named for it's vast amount of life, the sanctuary is home to 1000's of critters big and small. We have even spotted dolphin in the area of the Sanctuary.

Razzle Dazzle

This porcupine puffer is just one of thousands of fish that you will find on Sunkist. This reef line is located due south of Razzle Dazzle. Part of the third reef line, Sunkist ranges from a depth of 45' on top to 70' sloping to the East. It is a North-South reef with a West facing ledge. There are outcropping coral heads to the West of the ledge where Lobster and other treasures can be found.



This reef was named for the two buildings on the beach that look like goal posts from the reef's vantage point. The reef is a section of the second reef line with depths ranging from 30' to 45'. It is a relatively flat reef with beautiful colors, fish and various inhabitants. It is a popular reef for lobster and spear fishermen.

Turtle Ledge

Turtle Ledge is located between Abby Too and Lighthouse Ledge just north of the Hillsboro Inlet. It is a very beautiful section of the reef. Depending on what reef you start on, Turtle Ledge is a spectacular way to end a drift dive. And yes, Turtles are known to frequent the reef.