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There are three reef lines and over 30 wrecks that support one of the most thrilling activities underwater. Many ask if we allow spearfishing on our boat ..... Of course, and if hunting is your thing then we will put you anywhere you want to go. Many hunters like to drop down the backside of the reef or leave the wreck to patrol the surrounding area. The only thing we ask is that you are knowledgeable of the size laws and are a responsible shooter. Make sure that gun is unloaded before you get back up! You won't be the only hunter on the boat so we'll set each of you up on your own area so there isn't any competition.

Technical diving

Our area has nearly a dozen shipwrecks that lie beyond the sport divers recreational, no-decompression, limits, the Miller Lite and the R.B. Johnson and the Hydro Atlantic are but three of the better known ones. We offer charters to these sites, but only to groups with some advance notice. We do, however have trips running daily to sites where the Nitrox diver can enjoy the longer bottom times that gas mixture allows. Nitrox divers are welcome on all our dives. If you have yet to take this specialty course, consider doing so while you spend your dive vacation with us.


Night diving

If you have never been on a night dive, you have no idea of the underwater magic you are missing. The true colors of the reef come alive at night under the divers light. Many of Neptune's creatures that hide by day now roam across the reef, while the daytime critters snooze peacefully under ledges and in holes. Night diving is a way to add new excitement to a familiar area only dove in daytime before. Under a full moon on a calm night, divers can turn off their light and still see amazing things. Just waving your hand in front of you excites microscopic animals in the water which turn luminescent for a brief moment, like Tinker Bell waving her magic wand. At night, lobster crawl from their holes and form long conga lines, as they migrate northward in the darkness. These lobster walks, are the dream of every diver. At night, grouper and parrotfish hide in holes and under ledges in slumber, where they can be approached and observed or photographed very closely and with ease. Night diving opens the underwater world to you all over again, in a whole new way. We schedule night dives several times each week to many shallow reefs and wrecks. If you have never enjoyed this magical experience before, you couldn't pick a better place to try it than on our unique, three tiered reef system.